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Project Awarded – Lower Granite Dam PIT Tag Monitoring Installation

Northbank Civil and Marine, Inc. was just awarded the Lower Granite Dam PIT Tag Monitoring Installation Design-Build project for $5,711,972. Design will start immediately and onsite work is scheduled to begin in September 2018.

Work consists of modifying spillbay 1 and installing 11 new PIT Tag monitoring antennas (to monitor juvenile fish passage) into the spillway ogee. Requires partial concrete demolition of the spillway ogee and embedding the new antennas into the concrete and pouring concrete over the top. Also includes installation of the monitoring building, equipment and control system next to the spillbay.

Project Awarded – Blue River Dam Generator Replacement

Northbank has been contracted to provide and install a new 100 kW backup generator enclosed in a new pre-engineered building at Blue River Dam in Blue River, OR. The new generator building will house the primary distribution panels for the service feed and will provide the Intake Water Tower Regulating Outlet Motors and the Dam’s Spillway Gates with power. Major construction activities include: New Electrical Ductbank, Design and Install Concrete Foundation and Apron, Design and Install CMU Wall, Install High Security Fence, New Electrical and Control Panels and related equipment, and Old Equipment Demolition. Construction is slated to begin Spring 2018 and will be completed late Summer 2018.

Project Awarded – The Dalles Locker Room

This design-build project will involves the installation of a 1000 square foot locker room inside an existing dam. Features of work include steel structure installation, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, and finishes. NCM has subcontracted with two design firms to complete the plans and specifications for the project. Design and substantial completion will occur within a short six month window.

Project Awarded – Lower Monumental Dam Drainage and Unwatering Pump Replacement

This is a $4.7 million project that includes removing and installing new low voltage and medium voltage motor control centers and large unwatering & drainage pumps, and installation of an oil water separator system all inside the powerhouse at Lower Monumental Dam. On site work is set to start in October of 2018 and scheduled to be completed by Spring of 2019.

New Office

Our new headquarters building is underway and schedule to be completed by May 2018. The building will be a combination of office and warehouse space that is being built on 6 acres of newly purchased property in Vancouver, WA. Our new address will be 4180 NW Fruit Valley Road, Vancouver, WA 98660.

Project Update – The Dalles Dam

On February 1, 2016, Northbank Civil and Marine was selected by the US Army Corps of Engineers on a best value basis for The Dalles Navigational Lock Upstream Gate Replacement, Controls Upgrade, and Downstream Gate Gudgeon Replacement. The total value of the project is $11,917,300. The project will occur during the extended navigational lock outage that is scheduled from December 12, 2016 through March 20, 2017.

The upstream gate replacement consists of removal of the old upstream gate, fabrication and installation of a new upstream gate, replacement of the gate anchorage system, and replacement of the gate operating machinery and controls. The downstream gate work includes replacement of the gudgeons, quoin and miter block adjustments, diagonal tensioning, seal replacement, and installation of an impressed current cathodic protection system. The controls upgrade includes upgrades of the navigational lock’s control system and installation of a new power distribution system.


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